Written Past Midnight: Ten Sites/Blogs I Read On A Regular Basis.

Son Of Olwa


It is 2:34 am and no attempt to fall asleep has been fruitful. I have done a lot of reading. I even signed up for another of those free online courses. I have also listened to the same song for over one hour. Today I told my friend that I am happy to be learning a lot. Well. Let me tell you the top ten sites and blogs I visit on a regular basis and the reasons why I do that. Please note that these are mostly entertainment sites in Uganda, East Africa and whole of Africa. Please note I am not arranging them in order of priority or anything. That would be like a job for when I write like the ‘serious’ blogger and today I don’t have that mantle.

1. Proggie.ug
So, I just like how this site looks. It has some the best reviews I have seen…

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Sportal.bg As A Habit

AUBG Tech Addicts

Greetings, tech addicts! 💡

As you all probably remember, last week I found a tech enthusiast who eventually decided to take on the challenge for another week. Dayana says she is doing OK so far, though she is kind of worried that her Sims have died of hunger. 😀 Be sure to check the AUBG Tech Addicts blog next week as I will cover the consequences of her challenge in the next post.

1501033_755814601145957_6258461454153347246_oFor this week’s post, I found another tech addict who can’t seem to separate himself from a couple of websites. Alexander is a second semester junior at AUBG from Plovdiv, majoring in Business Administration. His addiction comes from his passion in life – sports. He is a big fan of football and basketball and checks game results and player statistics every day to stay informed on his favorite topics.

Alexander admits that visiting Sportal.bg and NBA.com

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Jack is a Master of all languages. His girl friend Sana feels he is a hero..

Jack ‘Heroism is demonstrated action’

Sana ‘means?’

Jack ‘I plan to have a revolution in vocabulary soon’

Sana ‘How?’

Jack ‘Will be creating a tool to convert websites to relevant language sites’

Sana ‘Cool’

6 months later

Jack ‘Not working at all. Huge work’

Sana ‘Why?’

Jack ‘I tried all.. but still get 60% accuracy but if we add overheads of translation, it becomes costly to client’

Sana ‘Heroism is dangerous. People begin having huge expectations and if you let down. you are no where’

2 weeks later

Jack ‘I acknowledge am still only a JACK and not Master of all Languages’ It is tweeted.. He gets huge response

Sana ‘Again you have become a hero and people talking that they learnt from you to accept mistakes gracefully’

Jack smiles and says ‘Heroism just…

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15 Beautiful and Minimalist Websites

Virginia Duran

Some weeks ago I published 20 Amazing UI/UX Web Designs, where I talked about the importance of minimalism (in color and layout), neatness and one clear message (like business cards).

Lately I’ve been working a lot on corporate web design (check #3) and summarizing what a company is, believe me, it’s no easy task. For that reason, today I am focusing on this topic. Each of these examples did a pretty good job on this aspect, all are fast and effortless to understand. And beautiful.

Hope you find these designs inspiring for your future web site. What are your thoughts about them?

1. TEDxMontpellier

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-TEDxMontpellier

2. Guillaume Juvenet

Virginia Duran Blog-Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Guillaume

3. everisDigital

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-everisDigital

4. Unterwegs

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-unterwegs

5. Joris

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Joris

6. Personal Brand Institute

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Personal Brand Institute

7. Numbers Project

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Numbers Project

8. Rubrasonic

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Rubrasonic

9. Sennep

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-sennep

10. Thinkmore

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-thinkmore

11. Real Heroines

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Real Heroines

12. Adrian Newell

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-adrian newell

13. Paint Box

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-Paint Box

14. Essential-icons

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-essential-icons

15. Plasticbionic

Virginia Duran Blog- Beautiful and minimalistic Websites-plastic bionic

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It Will ALWAYS be the Year of Captain Tightpants

Wordsmith Lynn - News & Reviews

I decided to check out my WordPress stats, which was silly, since I haven’t had much time for blogging this year. But I am pleased and amused to report that the top search terms which led folks to this here blog are once again those classics: “Captain Tightpants” and “Fear of Drowning in a Car.”

resqme-yellow-keysFor those of you who share my dread of going anywhere near water while in a car, there’s this to offer you a false sense of safety. I keep it on my keychain, so I’ll know where to find it when the car hits the water and I begin to panic. Of course, I am a LOUSY swimmer, which is a large part of why I fear drowning in my car, so probably the ResqMe tool will be utterly useless. But not due to any design flaws on their part, my…

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Is kindness brutal? – by Dionne Kasian-Lew

Kindness Blog

blurry crowd

When you’re on the receiving end of kindness — it’s milk — a honeyed, palliative sap with all associations of mothering & the cosseted dark womb.

But being kind is an altogether different experience.

It’s rising in the dark to run despite rain & icy winds while the world is sleeping.

Being kind can mean:

. Suppressing the urge to lash out because you feel momentarily better.
. Letting it go through to the keeper.
. Putting your needs second, third or taking them off the table, this time.
. Not adding fuel to the fire though you’re desperate to do so.
. Refusing to let someone else’s feelings determine yours.
. Sometimes, not speaking out.
. Sometimes, not saying what you really think.
. Appreciating a person is not just their last encounter with you.
. Remembering the good when you don’t want to.
. Knowing that when someone strikes at your sense…

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Mines of Moria


Can I afford to date? If I go through with match.com, how much might this cost me?

I’m a single mom. I’m not Scrooge McDuck.


My head is thinking there’s not only the cost of match; there’s also the cost of “dating.” For any men readers not in the know, let me fill you in… dating is expensive for women. There’s clothing, hair, make-up, nails, waxing, in addition to the costs everyone faces, like the cost for the actual date and gasoline, and intangible costs like time away from friends and family, and additional worry.

Before you start with the “hair and make-up aren’t necessary” lines. Here is what I look like in the morning:


Once a crew gets a hold of me like Cinna got ahold of Katniss, I start thinking:


And as I walk out of the door for my date, I resemble:


Except I wear something a bit more conservative. Like a…

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Darcy, Aragorn, Sam, Heathcliff, Gatsby, Westley, and…


I am not a fan of romance novels. I’m not a fan of fantasy novels. I’m a fan of developed characters, and fantastic stories. Many a single lady has dreamed of the day their Mr. Darcy would rescue them. The patron saint of single ladies cried over Mr. Darcy on this very Christmas Eve!

christmas eve

Now, I am no Bridget Jones. I am nowhere near as FABULOUS as she is, nor am I blessed to have the humor she does with the failings in the romance department.

I fully recognize that all of the people I reference are fictional characters (none of which I own) and do not exist in the real world. But it is still fun, nonetheless, to daydream of a love like one that inspires songs, poems, and novels.

I once had a passionate affair, and I confessed to my lover that, because of him, I know now how and…

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On the Twenty-Fourth Day of December . . .

Kindness Blog

Quote About Friends with Friends in Front of The Water Photo Credit: Pinterest

I never thought that a trip to the emergency room to begin my day and spending Christmas Eve alone to end my day would help show me more of the love, light, and goodness that this season purports to celebrate, but it most certainly did indeed.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, On the Twenty-Third Day of December, I have not felt well physically and emotionally, and this morning, I took action to begin the healing process.

This morning, I treated myself to a visit to one of the local emergency rooms where I was diagnosed with dehydration and a flare up of my usually (and thankfully) dormant ulcerative colitis.  After having two liters of fluids and a dose of steroids administered, I was discharged and came home to relax.  I also returned home to calls, text, and Facebook messages from family and friends expressing care and…

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How to hacke a facebook acount easy!

nasir179's Blog

Easy Method To Hack Facebook
Account Hey Guys, This Is Awesome Tutorial
Written By Nasir Ali And Note That This Is
Not Any Type Of Fake Methods, This Is
Real And Worked Method To Hack
Facebook In Just Couple Of Minutes, In
This Trick You Just Need Three Friends In Victim’s Account. If You Have This
Then You Can Easily Hake Your Victim’s
Account. Facebook Is A Largest Community In
This World, There Are Billions Of
Accounts In Facebook Community And
There Are Lack Or Accounts Increase
Day By Day, All People Talking And
Sharing Their Personal Things In Facebook, That’s Why This Facebook
HACKING In Born. , M I Right ?? Facebook Have Many Vulnerability To
Hack Any Account But It Is Not Easy To
Hack Facebook Account, Mostly
Facebook Have Vulnerability In Their
Applications So People Mostly Hack
Facebook Using This Vulnerabilities And There Are Many Other Methods…

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