Disabled Parenting, Buses and The Brady Bunch


We’ve circled the car park three times and still can’t find a space. Occasionally we are fooled into believing we’ve found a space only to then realise a Smart car has been furtively hiding behind a larger car. Eventually two spaces open up at once. One is a disabled space. The other is a parent and child space. Staring at both spaces I can see an analogy for my life. Always having to choose whether I am to consider myself a disabled person, or a parent. Society never allows that the two will intersect.

I am a woman. I am a disabled person. I am a parent. I am not one sometimes and another at other times. I am always all three. At all points in my life these factors intersect. This is why I worry when disability is erased from feminism, parenting is erased from disability rights activism, disability…

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