A normal life


People think life’s pretty normal on the outside looking in, don’t they? They believe all the fake smiles and the laugh that’s so hard to force out. They take your word for it and don’t enquire any further. They ignore the marks on your arms because they simply don’t want to see them. They convince themselves you’re doing just fine.

But even when we say it, it’s not easy to come out with “yeah I’m fine” or “everything’s great thanks”. The pain that wells in your heart as it weighs it down is phenomenal- like you’re helpless and caving. When you’re not looking, we’ll wipe away that creeping tear or pull down our sleeves as you haven’t looked there yet because we don’t want to do this; it’d be easier if we didn’t exist.

But then the world wouldn’t know battles, feats of courage, perseverance or strength. The strength to…

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