Body image


My body image is something I’ve worked on a lot over the years, attempting to mould it into a perfect shape with perfect proportion and a perfect outlook on life. Sadly, it’s not as easy as a potter remoulding clay or rebuilding a wall, it’s a battle. It’s a battle of wills and demoralisation that seems never ending.

When people stare at you in the gym and ask themselves ‘why is she here?’ Or when you hear them silently and sharply mocking you, you feel like you don’t belong, but the matter of it is that you’re the one beginning that struggle with the courage to fight knowing the consequences and when you reach that healthy ideal, you’ll be happier than they’ll ever be, because you strived for your goals and they weren’t so easily gained.

This teaches us determination and perseverance, to conquer and overcome pain and we can…

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