Small Business How-To: Free Websites Using

As a small business owner every penny counts!  Don’t spend gobs of money building a super duper fancy schmancy web site until you can afford it.  

Luckily, offers FREE web sites (with embedded blogging capability).  They are EASY to set up and administer and save you lots of money while providing you the exposure your fledgling business needs.  “You are not a real business, in 2015, unless you have a web site”  TechyMike

More about after I show you the steps. I have been using them since 2006, on multiple web sites, soooo, I speak from experience.  

ARE U READY to Get Your Business on the Web??

Homework Assignment:  Before you sign up, think of THREE names for your web site (you never know, your top two choices might already be taken) and make sure you have a business email set up (I use Gmail).


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