Is kindness brutal? – by Dionne Kasian-Lew

Kindness Blog

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When you’re on the receiving end of kindness — it’s milk — a honeyed, palliative sap with all associations of mothering & the cosseted dark womb.

But being kind is an altogether different experience.

It’s rising in the dark to run despite rain & icy winds while the world is sleeping.

Being kind can mean:

. Suppressing the urge to lash out because you feel momentarily better.
. Letting it go through to the keeper.
. Putting your needs second, third or taking them off the table, this time.
. Not adding fuel to the fire though you’re desperate to do so.
. Refusing to let someone else’s feelings determine yours.
. Sometimes, not speaking out.
. Sometimes, not saying what you really think.
. Appreciating a person is not just their last encounter with you.
. Remembering the good when you don’t want to.
. Knowing that when someone strikes at your sense…

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