Jack is a Master of all languages. His girl friend Sana feels he is a hero..

Jack ‘Heroism is demonstrated action’

Sana ‘means?’

Jack ‘I plan to have a revolution in vocabulary soon’

Sana ‘How?’

Jack ‘Will be creating a tool to convert websites to relevant language sites’

Sana ‘Cool’

6 months later

Jack ‘Not working at all. Huge work’

Sana ‘Why?’

Jack ‘I tried all.. but still get 60% accuracy but if we add overheads of translation, it becomes costly to client’

Sana ‘Heroism is dangerous. People begin having huge expectations and if you let down. you are no where’

2 weeks later

Jack ‘I acknowledge am still only a JACK and not Master of all Languages’ It is tweeted.. He gets huge response

Sana ‘Again you have become a hero and people talking that they learnt from you to accept mistakes gracefully’

Jack smiles and says ‘Heroism just…

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