Written Past Midnight: Ten Sites/Blogs I Read On A Regular Basis.

Son Of Olwa


It is 2:34 am and no attempt to fall asleep has been fruitful. I have done a lot of reading. I even signed up for another of those free online courses. I have also listened to the same song for over one hour. Today I told my friend that I am happy to be learning a lot. Well. Let me tell you the top ten sites and blogs I visit on a regular basis and the reasons why I do that. Please note that these are mostly entertainment sites in Uganda, East Africa and whole of Africa. Please note I am not arranging them in order of priority or anything. That would be like a job for when I write like the ‘serious’ blogger and today I don’t have that mantle.

1. Proggie.ug
So, I just like how this site looks. It has some the best reviews I have seen…

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